Mathesia s.r.l., a startup company founded in 2014, is the result of a long standing collaboration between Moxoff, a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano University with focus on applied mathematics, and Yottacle, a hi-tech company specialized in the design and development of innovative mobile and web applications.


Mathesia’s mission is to create innovation through the application of mathematics to solve problems in the business world.

Innovation means devising new methods to improve products and processes by enhancing performance, increasing quality and reducing costs.
The ultimate goal of innovation is to create value.


Fair play



Mathesia encourages fair play and rewards merit. All math wizards (Brainies) who subscribe to Mathesia will have equal opportunities to take part in Mathesia and to gain reputation, grow in rank and earn money with their effort spent on Mathesia projects. The project owners (Pitchers) have the possibility of rating the solutions they receive, which will contribute to the promotion of Brainies, or to their demotion.
Ultimately, Brainies are rewarded for their know-how, their skills and their earnestness.

Mathesia promotes open communication and honesty. Pitchers who post their projects on Mathesia define the project value in terms of money, thus determining the fee that Mathesia will earn, and proclaims the Brainy who has provided them with the best solution as the project winner. The winner is made visible to all Brainies.

Mathesia takes the privacy of its subscribers very seriously. Companies who come to Mathesia to find solutions have the possibility of posting their projects anonymously. All Brainies who subscribe to Mathesia are required to accept a Non-Disclosure Agreement about the projects posted on Mathesia.


Mathesia is sponsored by SIMAI, Societa` Italiana per la Matematica Applicata e Industriale.